Laiserhill Academy

We strives to deliver the Kenyan 8:4:4 and British IGCSE curriculum by following a well mapped out strategy which is accompanied with proper evaluation and monitoring systems designed to make the child more independent and self motivated, the school works even harder to create an environment which is inclusive.

We have a strong value system, mission and vision which have been tailor made to motivate the modern day urban teenager who is faced with social challenges of a fast changing global environment.

Sports and Games

In many circles the Laiser hill basket ball team ( The Scorpions) is legendary in its reputation of being unbeatable. The program started in with the vision for the team to become National Champions and continue to inspire the youth through the medium of sports.

Basket ball has not only become the binding and branding force at the school giving the students an identity to be proud off, but has also become a platform for many young talents to achieve excellence and through this program many young talented students have gone on to Universities in America.