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Corporate Social Responsibility

Learning to live together and forming strong relationships is an integral part of the Laiser Hill experience. The school is a large community which thrives on its interdependence, friendly and accepting quality. With a belief that each one of us is unique and valuable to the variety we strife to provide to community life we are proud to say that our success lies in our policy to recognise each child as individual and work with the strengths of the individual personality.

Using a well thought out residence system, staff and students are encouraged to develop independence and responsibility within a supportive and caring environment. Students learn from invaluable life lessons through camaraderie and fun of living with their classmates. There is time for everything, study, play, sports, be with friends, rest, talk to staff members.

The standards of conduct for the residents, as for the rest of the school are based on strict Christian principles and discipline is maintained with the spirit of love and justice. Students are expected to be respectful, honest and considerate at all times.

Parent-School Relationship

The school recognizes the importance of parent- school relationship and stresses the necessity of parent involvement as a major stakeholder in their child’s education. To do this parents are encouraged to visit their children on weekends (timings can be arranged through the school reception).