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Our Mission At LaiserHill

  1. Pushing for excellence in every individual child by fostering a safe and healthy environment
  2. To ensure that every child learns and understands their faith and through the faith the moral and cultural values.
  3. To use the Educational tools available to us to drive the Ambition and Passion for our children in their quest for Academic Excellence and Career options.
  4. To build on the social skills of our children by working on the social and emotional intelligence.
  5. To give every child an opportunity to participate in Sports and Performing Arts- thereby giving them an opportunity to push their quest for individual development and pushing for excellence in the school’s Drama, Basketball, Football and Rugby teams.
  6. To ensure that the school fosters and promotes emotional well-being of all its students through a school wide approach to positive behavioral health.

Want to Excel in Academics

At Laiser Hill the teachers are trained to engage students at an individual level and use transformative teaching methodology to achieve expected grades. There is a clear understanding of each child capabilities and the need push for intrinsic motivation. Students who understand that Academic qualification is essential to future career paths. Students who want to allow the school to help build their self-esteem and students who want to build on their individual character strengths will choose Laiser Hill and will do well at LHA.


Enjoy School Life & Learning

We have a extra-ordinary extra curriculum program geared to bring joy to the lives of our students. We fully accept and understand that we can drive a higher performance by using programs such as our Basketball, Rugby, Football, Drama, Music and Forums for Higher Learning. We allow our students relative freedom of choice in their entertainment calendar and fully appreciate a self- inspired level of discipline. Believing that the student’s state of mind is directly responsible for higher performance.


Strengthen Cultural Values

Laiser Hill Academy has a unique creed ; its students are proud of their cultural values and religious faiths. The school allows total and complete freedom of choice in faith and even arranges prayers and practice for the minority faiths. 97% of the children come from the Christian faiths and the school administration is actively engaged in bringing faith to the students, establishing a strong value system required to build the character of an individual..


Our Commitment At LaiserHill

Get the most out of life as a student in LaiserHill. We achieve our well strategized goals and objectives by clearing defining our vision and mission.


We are committed to transforming the lives of all its students through exemplary teaching in a world class system. L.H.A partners with its students/parents and teachers to develop within every learner the knowledge, skill and character to excel in college, Careers and life. The students at Laiser Hill Academy are expected to develop the following through its adoption of preventive and positive approaches

Laiser Hill recognizes the importance of maintaining a safe, healthy and supportive school environment and the school administration will continue to promote preventive and positive approaches to discipline and respond with interventions and consequences aimed at addressing the causes of misbehavior, resolving conflict and meeting students’ needs.